LED Embedded Traffic Signs


This series of LED-embedded signage run on a preset schedule and are ideal for school zone speed limit signs installed on the roads surrounding a schoolyard, or at crosswalks that would benefit from scheduled flash periods at the busiest times of day or night. They can also be used for roadways and highways that require warning systems to be flashing during specific days and times, which can also be adjusted remotely on demand.

With the convenience of cellular communication or direct-USB connection, these LED-embedded signs can provide diagnostic feedback as to flash status, battery health, and activation counting, as well as visualization on a map for convenient quick status checks and monitoring.

Our LED-embedded signage provides a way to bring extra attention to your warning signs in all roadway environments. The signs are available in any size, shape or color, and can be made with up to 10 LEDs each. They can also be mounted back-to-back, to create a bi-directional warning system.

For School Zones, we recommend the LED signage for School Crossing and Speed Signs for School Zones, as well as areas in which there are certain hours and days which have specific speed and caution rules that require attention.

School Zones Slow drivers down and keep them alert as they pass through school zones.
Seasonal Road Conditions Alert drivers to weather alerts and other road status.
Playground Zones Remind drivers to slow down for playground zones.


All SZ-5800 LED signs come with a choice of four flash patterns: MUTCD, JSFT Strobe, MUTCD Wig-Wag, and JSFT Strobe Wig-Wag. The JSFT Strobe patterns have been proven to be extremely effective when it comes to getting drivers’ attention, while using half the power of the standard MUTCD pattern.

  • Flexible: Adjustable flash pattern and activation duration to accommodate varying traffic conditions.
  • Programmable: Cellular or USB programming capability for scheduled flash periods.
  • Solar powered: Designed to run continuously, each unit is completely self-contained and needs no external power, eliminating electrical bills and expensive trenching. Also available for AC connectivity, with the added benefit of solar/battery backup.
  • Customizable: Modular design allows easy customization, plus our in-house design and engineering team can create solutions for your unique application or functional requirement.
  • Simple installation: Pre-assembled parts, quick-connect wiring, no trenching, no power grid connection, can be installed in minutes to minimize traffic disruption.
  • Durable: Powder-coated single aluminum enclosure for solar panel and components is compact and discrete, deterring vandalism and enhancing the streetscape. LEDs are potted in milled aluminum pucks for mounting to ensure they will last for years in any environment. Wiring is sheathed under aluminum rails, secured with a marine-grade adhesive, and built to last.
  • High Quality: Designed, built and manufactured in Canada.
  • Radio Controlled: All Secondary signs in a pedestrian crossing system are activated by wireless radio-frequency communication from the Primary sign.

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