Push Button APS BEACON & BBU


Campbell Company’s APS Beacon uses audible indicators for intelligent communication to pedestrians approaching and crossing the intersection.  A tone is emitted from a second speaker located near the ped display and pointed towards the middle of the crosswalk to assist the pedestrian in crossing. The pedestrian is at the initiation point where they place a call at the push button, and the APS Beacon is located at the pedestrian destination point, approximately 10 feet high where it can broadcast “Walk” and “Clearance” phase tones into the last two-thirds of the crosswalk.  Several different “Clearance” phase tones are available including destination target, alternating (ping pong) tones, audible countdown, and other specifically designated tones.

The Beacon can also function as a Base Broadcast Unit (BBU) to provide important information to assist all pedestrians in crossing the intersection with audible indications when the “Walk Display” is active. The BBU is designed to work in areas where there is no pedestrian activation. In traffic applications, the BBU is mounted to the underside of the pedestrian display. Audible walk indications are broadcast from a position above the pedestrian initiation point during the visual walk display.

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