Speed Tracker


Discreet Data Collection

The Traffic Logix Speed Tracker is a simple, compact, accurate wireless solution for managing speed complaints on local roads. It gathers detailed data on speeding violations and reports statistics in real-time and other traffic statistics and transmits it wirelessly and securely to SafePace Cloud. 

SafePace Cloud provides easy, accurate, remote access to your data, with robust reporting and visual charts and graphs which can be exported, saved, and printed. The Speed Tracker delivers statistics in real time. The lightweight, discrete and accurate data collector offers a window into driver behavior, verifying or refuting speed complaints and confirming the need for further enforcement or intervention.

Speed Tracker Features:


  • Inconspicuous Appearance
  • Highly accurate traffic data
  • Robust Traffic Analysis
  • Statistics in Real Time
  • Remote Data Access
  • Autonomous Operation
  • Optional Solar Power
  • Long lasting design
  • Amazing Portability


Speed Tracker Specs:


Size 11.625″(h) x 9.75″(w) x 6″(d)
Weight 10lbs
Speed Detection 3-99 mph
Internal Radar Doppler (FCC approved)
Solar Compatibility Yes
Battery Operated Yes
Could Compatibility Yes
Hardware Warranty 2 Years
Battery Warranty 1 Year


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