Fortran’s Polycarbonate Pedestrian Signal is a proven winner. Over the past ten years, our Pedestrian signals have been installed in thousands of intersections across North America.

Polycarbonate signals are replacing aluminum signals because they provide a complete, versatile and reliable product at a lesser cost than the aluminum signals. The Polycarbonate signal is also much lighter to work with and is easier to install.

Our poly pedestrian signal line has been designed using a “Building Block” approach – individual signal housings can be quickly and easily combined to meet customer specific signalling requirements.

Our poly pedestrian signals are very tough, impact resistant, flame retardant, UV stabilized polycarbonate. The colour is uniform throughout the thickness of the material, eliminating the fading and paint peeling associated with the aluminum signals. Poly peds have been tested to withstand the most severe weather and wind conditions. Stainless steel hardware is used throughout.

Each section has a bottom drip shield to prevent water infiltration. Neoprene gaskets on both the door and lens, completely seal the interior of the ped signal. Dual latches and hinges keep the doors secured in place to prevent moisture and dirt from entering.

The Poly Pedestrian signals have top and bottom openings for a standard 1-1/2″ pipe bracket, which is mounted using a one-way vertical bracket.

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