Push Button WIAAPS


Campbell Company’s Guardian Wireless Data Transfer Advisor Advanced Pedestrian Station or (WIAAPS) is an advanced APS system that is the first of it’s kind to communicate through a secured wireless network and feature a web based management system so the system can be configured remotely from any device with a web browser. Technicians have real time control being able to download files and programs to directly to an entire network or one individual pedestrian station. Installation is true plug and play both simple and flexible with easy retrofitting using existing input conductors. The new Wave option for WIAAPS is completely contactless. Pedestrians are able to place a call without any physical contact with the station or the button with a simple ‘wave’ of their hand near the actuation sensor. The technology does not require exclusivity or any proprietary applications

Download Spec Sheet – WIAAPS


Download Spec Sheet – WIAAPS WITH WAVE SPECS


Download Spec Sheet – PEDESTRIAN STATION 1


Download Spec Sheet – PEDESTRIAN STATION 2


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