Snow Sentry

Snow Sentry

It is a well known fact that reducing snow and ice build-up on led modules is a safety issue for both motorists and pedestrians. Incandescent signals generate enough heat to minimize the build-up of snow on the lens whereas LEDs do not. Fortran’s patent pending snow sentry is the first device specifically designed to address the potentially dangerous effect of snow build-up on led lenses.

Fortran’s Snow Sentry is a device that when installed over the led module reduces the potential build-up of snow and ice on the lens. The snow sentry was designed to enhance public safety by providing a clear visibility of traffic indications.

It is a very light weight device – less than 13oz. The snow sentry is available for 8” (200mm) and 12” (300mm) round led modules. The kit comes complete with the snow sentry, led module gasket, and led lens clips. Installation is very easy – just follow the instructions.



Download Spec Sheet – GUARDIAN


Download Spec Sheet – WAVE


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