Fortran’s Span Wire Hanger is another method available to hang signal heads. This method is typically used for flashing beacons in the middle of intersections, temporary traffic signal installations, or where ever side-of-pole mounting is prohibitive or impractical and high wind areas. Fortran has sold thousands, and are widely used across North America.

Span wire hangers secure the top of the signal head. The lower attachment which secures the bottom is also available. A wire entrance can also be provided as part of the hanger. Cross arms are also available in various configurations to secure the bottom of the signal head. Cast out of durable aluminum, span wire hangers are available in one, two, three, or four way mounting. The span wire hanger can have various parts suspended from it to hold different types of signal assemblies.

Fortran’s span wire hanger is installation friendly and non-intrusive. The span wire hanger can be assembled to the signal head on the ground Fortran’s span wire hanger slides over the span wire, making installation very easy.

Fortran’s span wire hanger fits span wires with a maximum 3/4″ diameter.

For any multiple signal hanger, provided also, is a wiring hub with a removable bottom plate for easy wiring access.

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