3M™ Stamark™ High Performance All Weather Tape Series 380AW

Pavement Tape

3M™ Stamark™ High Performance Pavement Marking Tape Series 380AW is a durable pavement marking for concrete and asphalt highways, expressways, and other high trafficked roads.

3M™ Stamark™ High Performance Pavement Marking Tape Series 380AW are retroreflective pavement markings designed to increase visibility so motorists can react quickly to important roadway information. Engineered for long-term durability and all weather performance, these lines, symbols, and legends are available to provide both dry and wet retroreflectivity – to match your climate, budget, and objectives.

  • Abrasion-resistant microcrystalline ceramic beads bonded in a highly durable polyurethane topcoat
  • Superior performance and retained visibility
  • All-weather, wet and dry retroreflective visibility
  • Easy application
  • Recess or inlay application for improved durability and geographies with winter maintenance activities
  • Pre-coated with an extended season pressure-sensitive adhesive – apply down to 40°F (4.44°C)
  • Is made in a quality controlled manufacturing facility
  • 4 year dry and wet continuous performance warranty


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