Speed Cushions


Traffic Logix recycled rubber speed cushions or speed lumps are a series of small speed humps installed across the width of the road. Designed to be wide enough to slow cars while narrow enough for emergency vehicles to straddle, speed lumps are ideal for streets where emergency response time is a concern.

Speed cushions slow cars to between 15-20 mph. Made of interlocking units that simply snap together, Traffic Logix speed cushions are quick and easy to install. Typically 3” high and 3.5’ long, speed cushions are an innovative solution that can help slow speeders and protect your roads without slowing emergency vehicles.

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Standard Markings

Markings are embedded into rubber during manufacturing process. Reflective markings are available in yellow or white squares, white arrows, or any combination of the three as illustrated below.
Cushion Markings


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