RRFB Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons


Our most popular crosswalk beacon, the Dual-Sided RRFB is ideal for crosswalks which need a bi-directional, attention-getting enhancement to signage. The AB-9407 features two 3” x 7” rectangular LED signals facing each direction of traffic and optional tell-tale LED(s) on the end(s) to indicate to pedestrians that the beacon is flashing.

For crosswalks on curved roads or with higher speed limits, additional advance RRFBs or other AB series beacons can be installed to warn drivers of the crosswalk. The AB-9400 is ideal for crosswalk safety: the beacon is self-contained, and its wireless technology enables each beacon to communicate across the street and up to ½ mile away, with line-of-sight.

Crosswalks Great for any mid-block or uncontrolled crosswalk.
Attractions Casinos and amusement parks draw crowds of pedestrians across busy roads and byways.
Fire Stations Give your emergency vehicles a chance to enter the roadway by alerting drivers.
Parking Lots From shopping malls to private industrial sites, they’re all a hazard for pedestrians.
Construction Sites Aid pedestrians in crossing away from construction sites and closed sidewalks.
School Campuses Busy and packed with pedestrians.


  • Flexible: Adjustable activation duration to accommodate varying traffic conditions, and 16 network addresses to choose from for synchronized flash. Housings available in yellow, green, black or custom colors.
  • Solar powered: Designed to run continuously, each unit is completely self-contained and needs no external power, eliminating electrical bills and expensive trenching. Also available as a Hybrid for AC connectivity.
  • Customizable: Modular design allows easy customization, plus our in-house design and engineering team can create solutions for your unique application or functional requirement.
  • Simple installation: Pre-assembled parts, quick-connect wiring, no trenching, no power grid connection, can be installed in minutes to minimize traffic disruption.
  • Durable: Powder-coated single aluminum enclosure for solar, the cabinet-free design deters vandalism and enhances the streetscape.
  • High Quality: Designed and manufactured in North America
  • Radio controlled: All lights in a pedestrian crossing system are activated by wireless radio-frequency communication; emergency lights can be activated by remote station-mounted transmitter or in-vehicle portable transmitter.

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