The newly designed Plumbizer Arm, referred to as a “Single Point Mount”, attaches to a mast arm and supports the signal head below the top section, for added visibility. This new plumbizer is much faster and easier to install.

The plumbizer arm, made out of durable cast aluminum alloy – weighs 4.6lbs – is an alternate method for mounting traffic signal heads. The arm when positioned between the top and second section raises the traffic signal higher than it would be with a top mounted hanger. It also adds strength and provides better support for larger and heavier signal head configurations (i.e. LEDs) which may be adversely affected by high winds.

The plumbizer arm has matching serration’s as on the traffic signal – can be mounted at any 5º angle horizontally. The plumbizer arm when mounted, can be adjusted ±36º for vertical alignment of the signal head. The core of the plumbizer arm is hollow, which makes wiring access very simple. The arm comes complete with a pair of nuts used to mount the arm to the signal head.

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